Not all Shea Butter is created equally

It can be commonly agreed upon that Shea Butter is good for your skin. But how much do you know about the Shea Butter that is used in the products you buy? Well, we know a bit about the Shea Butter that we use in our soaps, lotions and skin products and we'd like to share that information with you.

We purchase our Shea Butter from a small company called FairTale Ghana. The finest Shea Butter from the heart of Ghana. The Shea Butter is produced mostly by widows. This Shea producer believes in fair business where both consumers and producers take home benefit from their product. They do this by paying their butter makers a fair wage. By choosing this business to provide our Shea Butter, you and I are participating in empowering women half way across the globe.

Additionally, the Shea Butter is traditionally handcrafted and 100% natural, free of chemicals and pesticides. It is Grade A, unrefined butter. Unrefined butter is the precious form of Shea Butter. To keep all its healing properties in tact, it takes time to make and the skills to do it just right. Approximately 95% of the natural vitamins are removed in the refining process. This makes no sense to us as soap makers.

You can be confident in the knowledge that not only are you purchasing a high quality bar of soap with WATERANDFOAM but you are also taking a step towards voting with your dollars in how you want the world to be. Find out more at

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