Hand made soap is like wine

When making wine, Terrior is central. In my opinion, soap making is very similar to making a bottle of wine. When a batch of soap is made, the maker is bringing many variables together that may never happen again. In essence, a moment in time is being captured in that bar of soap. That particular goat milk from that particular goat, the Shea Butter that was harvested on that particular day, the ambient temperature on the day the soap was made and the temperature during the curing process. All these details are captured in that bar of soap.

When my husband opens a bottle of wine that I fall in love with, I get a little sad because I know that I'll never have that wine again. Even though there our other bottles in that case of wine that I'm enjoying, the wine will be different tomorrow. Wine is alive in the sense that it is ever changing. Temperature, time and condition of storage all affect how wine will behave. The same goes for soap. That bar of soap that I make will be constantly changing as the days go on, until it is just a fond memory. Enjoy your soap and savor the experience for it is fleeting.

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