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How I fell in love (with soap)

I'm a chef by profession. I love the knowledge I have in making high quality and delicious food that sustains and nourishes others. When my hair started to fall out after the birth of my third son, I was desperate for solutions. I tried increasingly pricey shampoos and conditioners thinking that would help. Yet my hair still fell out. So I thought, let me try to come up with something that could help my hair. I made a very basic solution of coconut milk, jojoba oil, castor oil and castille soap. There were no preservatives in this concoction so I kept it in the fridge.

My hair stopped falling out. After a month, it was seriously noticeable. Gone were the showers where I would have 20 or more strands of hair in my hand as I rinsed my hair. Now it was either none or one or two! From these results, I started making my own body wash, lip balms, lotions and then bar soap.

Bar soap was an incredible challenge because of all the variables. Luckily, I found an incredible teacher who really had a wonderful grasp of soap making. She was able to put soap making into context for me and after I made my first batch on my own, I was hooked. When I make an incredible meal, that experience only lasts for a few hours at best. When I make an incredible soap, that experience can last for a year!

It's like cooking, but with a longer half-life! It's true love in every bar.

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